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Big Dog is Swede and Skogen's debut full-length lp

Recorded over the course of 8 months in the garage of their southern Californian home, Big Dog is the culmination of many nights of laughter, catharsis, and effort. A full length album was never intended when the group started recording in late October 2022, it was just a few friends seeing what they could make with the restrictions of a modest budget of gear and the acoustics of a garage filled with memorabilia. On the first night of recording, Supertrick, the first single of the album, was created, and the playful and unique dynamic of Erik Methot, Cameron Zirbel, and newly joined Ben Schulze's songwriting was realized. Motivated by the immediate ease of creation, a full length LP quickly began to take shape, into whatever beautiful, amorphous blob Big Dog has become. Slowly oozing with personality and blends of music pulled from the conscious and subconscious of the group's musical inspirations, something truly unique begins to take shape.

Big Dog is out now!

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